Data Processing and Storage

Illumina provides a variety of NGS (next-generation sequencing) and array data storage and processing options. Our solutions simplify the data gathering steps, ensure robust sequencing and real-time run monitoring, and enable processing and storage of vast quantities of NGS or microarray data.

HiSeq Built-In Software

On HiSeq sequencers, the built-in software guides you through the experimental set-up, and enables you to monitor quality statistics in real time during the sequencing run. Flow cell scanning, image conversion to base calls, and generation of quality metrics all happen automatically. Learn more about HiSeq Built-In Software »

MiSeq Control Software (MCS)

On the MiSeq sequencer, the built-in MiSeq Control Software (MCS) guides you through the steps to load the flow cell and reagents, and provides an overview of quality statistics that you can monitor as the sequencing run progresses. MCS controls the flow cell stage, fluidics system, and flow cell temperatures, and captures images of flow cell clusters. Learn more about MiSeq Control Software »


IlluminaCompute is a set of plug-and-play NGS data storage and computing solutions. Featuring industry-leading technology from our partners Dell and EMC Isilon, and installation and maintenance from Illumina Customer Solutions, it provides a trusted IT solution for sequencing data management. Learn more about IlluminaCompute »


For sequencing labs with multiple instruments, GenoLogics LIMS products provide an ideal solution to optimize and standardize the sequencing process. Learn more about GenoLogics »

LIMS for Microarray Processing

The Illumina Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) provides positive array sample tracking, component verification, project and data management, lab workflow management, and reporting for Infinium Whole-Genome Genotyping, Infinium iSelect, GoldenGate Genotyping, and GoldenGate Indexing products. Learn more about LIMS for Microarray Processing »

HiSeq Control Software 2.0 enables up to a 56% reduction in the NGS data storage footprint.

IGN Sequencing Services

Illumina Genome Network (IGN) offers highly accurate human whole-genome sequencing, cancer analysis, and phasing analysis services.
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NGS Data Storage in BaseSpace

Store as much data as you need, without a complex backup infrastructure or high-speed data storage pre-investment.
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IGN: Turn data into knowledge

In this three-part series, Illumina scientists and customers share insights into how users with every level of bioinformatics expertise can do more with IGN data deliverables.
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