Biological Data Mining

NextBio is a biological data mining Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. We provide a state-of-the-art scientific platform to aggregate and interpret large quantities of genomic data for research and clinical applications.

Curated Comprehensive Genomic Data Content

NextBio houses the world's largest repository of curated and correlated public and private genomic data. This includes data from multiple public repositories of genomic studies and patient molecular profiles, up-to-date reference genomes, and clinical trial results.

By running a unique set of algorithms on this aggregated content, we identify novel correlations that power the functionality of several applications. Users can incorporate proprietary molecular or clinical data from individual patients, clinical trial cohorts, or studies in cell lines and model organisms.

Scalable Platform for Mining Biological Data

NextBio provides a unique, secure domain for each customer. Our platform has been designed to scale cost-effectively by using horizontal partitioning, stateless services, and commodity hardware.

Our products support the entire life cycle of genomic data in the cloud. The intuitive user interface was designed especially for biologists and clinicians. Our highly scalable, Big Data enterprise platform can analyze petabytes of data in real-time.

By simplifying biological data mining and genomic data interpretation, NextBio products empower a paradigm shift in translational research and medicine.

Controlled Annotation Vocabularies

Sophisticated ontology infrastructure and tools enable you to standardize annotations around individual patients, as well as large studies. NextBio integrates public ontology resources with its own internal curation to provide the most comprehensive set of controlled vocabularies to our clients. In addition, we provide tools for each organization to customize ontologies to fit its internal needs.

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Improving Research Collaboration

See how NextBio helps researchers increase productivity and improve collaboration across therapeutic groups and geographic boundaries.
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DNA and Big Data

See how NextBio biological data mining tools can quickly turn raw data into rich insight.
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Research Method Citation

Peer-reviewed publication in PLOS ONE: "Ontology-Based Meta-Analysis of Global Collections of High-Throughput Public Data"
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Security and HIPAA

NextBio Clinical platform has successfully passed an independent 3rd party audit of NextBio's security controls, meeting HIPAA requirements for patient information.
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