BaseSpace Genomics Computing

BaseSpace: Welcome to push-button bioinformatics.

BaseSpace is Illumina’s genomics computing environment for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis. This flexible solution is available in both cloud and onsite packages. Now sequencing labs can easily and securely analyze, archive, and share sequencing data, and informaticists can simplify and accelerate NGS data analysis with push-button tools.


BaseSpace Sample & Run Management

The BaseSpace Prep feature enables you to start sequencing runs and track thousands of samples without complicated spreadsheets. The intuitive interface helps you enter sample information, track samples, pool sequencing libraries, and set up runs. Learn more about BaseSpace sample and run management »

BaseSpace Sequencer Integration

BaseSpace is directly integrated with Illumina sequencing instruments. This streamlines NGS data analysis, facilitates sharing, and enables automatic data transfer in real time during a sequencing run. Learn more about BaseSpace sequencer integration »

BaseSpace Apps

BaseSpace offers a wide variety of NGS data analysis applications (apps), or tools, including the Core Apps, which simplify analysis of RNA, exome, tumor/normal, and whole-genome sequencing data. Learn more about BaseSpace apps »

BaseSpace Data Management

Share run information and raw or processed sequencing data with colleagues instantly. This ability simplifies troubleshooting and allows you to exchange ideas easily. Learn more about BaseSpace data management »

BaseSpace Product Comparison

BaseSpace is available as either a cloud-based web solution or an onsite server solution. Compare the features of the cloud and local versions of BaseSpace to determine which is right for you. Access our BaseSpace product comparison »


Data storage, analysis, and collaboration made easy. Welcome to push-button informatics.

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BaseSpace is intended for research applications and not for any diagnostic or clinical use. It is intended to be used with Illumina’s research products only.