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Illumina provides seamless sample-to-answer bioinformatics software tools that guide you from the original design of your experiment through to interpreting data and generating actionable reports.

Access to most Illumina bioinformatics software tools is as simple as accessing a web browser. These tools extend the reach of modern genomics, helping to make sense of the data and making the power of sequencing available to those who traditionally might consider bioinformatics a barrier.

BaseSpace Genomics Computing

BaseSpace is Illumina’s genomics computing environment for analyzing, storing, and sharing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. This flexible bioinformatics software solution is available in both cloud and on-site packages. Learn more about BaseSpace genomics computing »

Experimental Design

Illumina offers software solutions to facilitate sequencing and array experimental design. Design experiments, set up runs, and prepare for analysis. Learn more about experimental design »

Data Processing and Storage

Illumina provides a variety of NGS and array data storage and processing options. Our solutions simplify the data gathering steps, ensure robust sequencing and real-time run monitoring, and enable processing and storage of vast quantities of data. Learn more about data processing and storage »

Sequencing and Microarray Data Analysis

Once on-instrument data processing is complete, Illumina’s bioinformatics software performs secondary analysis. It helps ensure optimal time-to-answer and allows you to spend more time doing research. Learn more about sequencing and microarray data analysis »

Biological Data Mining

NextBio is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that aggregates and interprets large quantities of genomic data for research and clinical applications. Learn more about biological data mining »

For Research Use Only.

Clinical Bioinformatics

Find bioinformatics software to help translate next-generation sequencing data into clinically meaningful information.
Learn More »